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With an established history of success over the past three decades and their extensive experience in business, education and government, California criminal defense attorneys Thomas M. Spivack and Andrea J. Rubin receive constant praise from their clients for their expertise in understanding the law, their insight that being arrested and charged may severely impact an individual’s livelihood and future, their knowledge of the courts, judges, and prosecutors…and for their commitment to achieving the best outcome possible for their clients.



We work immediately to investigate the charges. 

We begin to investigate the charges and analyze the case as soon as you become our client.

We want to hear the whole story of your arrest. We want our clients to share their experience with us in order to define and understand the whole story of the arrest. We let prosecutors know there is more to the situation than what is summarized in an arrest report. We can then build and present the best defense possible.

We know the Local Courts. Each courthouse has its own processes in handling criminal cases. We have specialized experience from handling thousands and thousands of cases so we know who might be able to exercise more discretion and who to talk to about clarifying issues in each case.

You Need Personal Contact with Your Attorney. Our clients have the cell phone number of their attorney. This provides our clients with the reassurance of being able to reach their lawyer directly.

You Need to Be Informed. Being accused of a crime is more than just a confusing experience. Many people feel hopeless or frightened because they don’t know what will happen to them. Someone in this situation needs information and answers.

Our clients have real answers from an attorney who has gotten clients through it thousands and thousands of times. Our firm will give you the truth so you know the reality of the situation and can make informed decisions.



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Thomas M. Spivack

Thomas M. Spivack is a DUI and criminal defense attorney who has been practicing criminal law for over 23 years and has successfully defended over 5,000 clients. 

He is well-known and well-respected by judges, prosecutors, court staff and others in the criminal justice arena. This is a crucial factor that often impacts the result of any criminal case. Thomas challenges criminal charges through extensive investigation of the evidence based on legal and scientific analyses. Test results and law enforcement actions are intensly reviewed and questioned to further support an effective defense strategy.

Armed with knowledge from years of experience and successfully defending thousands of clients, Thomas structures an aggressive legal defense strategy individualized for each client. His goal is to achieve the best result possible for his clients. Thomas has been successful at protecting the jobs, licenses, reputations, and freedom of his clients further demonstrated by the significant client referrals he receives by prior clients.

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Andrea J. Rubin

​​Andrea has 33 years of experience as an attorney. For the last 20 years, she has been concerned solely with assisting those under investigation, or charged, with a DUI and other criminal offenses. 

Andrea has a thorough understanding of both the science, technology and law behind DUI and other criminal charges and, is by nature and training a methodical strategist.  She extensively reviews the evidence and applies aggressive defense stratgies in each case.

Her expertise is persuasive and successful negotiations that create real solutions for clients facing criminal problems so they can move past the circumstances they find themselves in and look to the future.