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Spivack Fought Like a Pitbull

"Attorney Thomas Spivack got my case dismissed even tho I pulled up right next to a CHP cruzer. I was on my cell trying to meet up with friends at a party. I blew .11 TWICE. Mr. Spivack convinces the prosecutor that I was on my GPS. But really I was texting and going back and forth to the GPS. He pounded and pounded the DA. Thought I was ruined. He saved my job, very knowledgable and did a great job. DISMISSED!!"

- Anthony


Amazing Lawyer with Flexible Payment Options

​​"This was my second arrest for a DUI was very worried will get my license suspended and have to do some jail time. Meet up with Thomas to discuss my case was very understanding so I put my faith in him and was even very understanding with the payments. While the case was pending actually got me a temporary license which Ican still go to work was very happy. Anytime I had a question he will answer it. Long story short he got my DUI almost dismissed only got to pay a fine and take a class amazing lawyer will recommend to my family and friends. Thank you."

​- Luis


Straight Forward A+ Result

"I felt better after speaking with Mr. Spivack after my DUI arrest. I no longer felt like a criminal. He didn't try to scare me into hiring him like other lawyers. All my questions were answered. No hype about what he could do. He told me that if he found any important mistakes then I might get a reduction or dismissal. Great news - he found a big mistake. He got my case dismissed. Many thanks."

- Fermin


Mr. Spivack Saved My Job

"I have both commercial and regular licenses, a lot at stake.  Would lose my job if I lost my licenses. Spoke with Mr. Spivack after talking to a bunch of other lawyers but he stood out from the rest. Very knowledgeable and no bull. I made the best decision for my career and family. Cops said I made a right at a stop sign without stopping first. Mr. Spivack wanted to confirm why the police said they stopped me. He personally went out to the scene, took photos, and also discovered a yield sign that didn't require a stop that I never saw and the police never mentioned. He convinced the DA to drop the case. I can continue to feed my family."

- Alex


3rd DUI

"Mine was a tough case a 3 time DUI. I was upset with the weight of the world on me. Thomas took my case personally. With his knowledge and experience he talked the court to let me do a treatment program not a lot of jail that they first told me. Lucky I found him."

- Marcus


Simply the Best

"Do not bother looking anywhere else. Spivack is simply the BEST lawyer. Smoked spice and got really wasted. Spivack got my DUI dismissed. Reduced to reckless. Just paid a small fine and took a short class. Call him if you need a lawyer, he will help you. Made me feel like I was always his top priority."

- Vladimir


Second Chance

"Honestly wasn't sure how hiring an attorney would help me in my case, the only reason I chose Mr. Spivack was because when I question him why he was $2800 short of a lawyer I was going to hire in the first place he responded with some people charge whatever they want, he understood the financial strain a DUI can take on an individual. Besides the point he came off as a honest hard working gentlemen that I felt in my own heart deserved my hard earned money and I needed him to do what ever he could in his power to save me from getting my license taken away for I would have lost my job due to my position involving me to have a valid working California Drivers License. He did just that and I become 1 of 1000 clients to walk away with a dismissal even if I exceeded speeds above 100mph and having been Under The Influence of 12% over the legal limit. Thank you Mr. Spivack for all your help and a second chance to get my life back in order with my daughter."

- Joseph


Above and Beyond

"Thomas went above and beyond for me. He was always available to answer and address any questions I had and was extremely reliable throughout the entire process. He gave great advice and has a lot of experience. I am really glad I had Thomas in my corner and I highly recommend him to anyone in need of representation.."

- Joshua


Tough Case

"My DUI case was dropped after I hired Mr. Spivack. Another lawyer recommended Mr. Spivack to me. If another lawyer does that take it seriously. Mr. Spivack came up with a plan that worked. Obviously he's been doing this for a long time cause everybody in court seems to know him, the prosecutors, judges and other lawyers. Gets along well with all. He was always available when I needed to talk to him. He's a great lawyer because I had a tough case and he got the prosecutor to drop it." - Rog


Did What I Paid Him For and More

"Restored my life. Gladly gave him his fee because he earned it by protecting me and my future. First DUI. I hired this attorney because I saw the great reviews and I had the same experience with him. I was speeding and weaving on the freeway. Cops took my blood by warrant because I refused to do it - not sure what I as thinking at the time, just scared. Attorney Spivack called me with what was going on with my case and any new developments. He always returned my calls. He discussed every detail in the police report. He met with the DA on 4 different occasion and had long meetings with him. He argued everywhere he could to contest the police report and had a plan of attack to get charges dismissed. He prolonged my court date so I could drive without restriction for months. I knew he was in my corner protecting me the whole time. He did what I paid him for and more. I paid a fine and took a class. Could have gone to jail. I found him too be very understanding about my situation and what was important to me."

- Chris 


Honest and Reliable

"After speaking to many lawyers I called Mr. Spivack. Im glad I did. He spent time with me explaining what he would do and what would happen with my case. As the case went on, he kept me informed and was honest about my options. My DUI charges were dismissed and I plead to a non alcohol speeding charge. He did an incredible job."

​- Dillan


Best of the Best

"Mr. Spivack is the best to the best, as simple as that, you would hope you would find that in at least some” others, unfortunately... you won’t he’s very Dedicated, Professional, Experienced, Respectful, Knowledgeable and if you compare the cost of he’s Legal services is very Reasonable, I was very worried since I didn’t know who to go to, you just can’t trust any Lawyer, fortunately I remembered! Years ago he assisted me on a very tough case” and became successful! So I called him, thanks God, and case solved! Thank you so much Señor Spivack! God bless you!"

- Alejandro


Job Well Done

"Thank you Mr. Spivack. Job well done. Semper Fi. I'll always remember to call you for legal help. You came thru with flying colors. Case dismissed!"

- Gabriel


Saved my Future

"I was at my friend's party and had a few drinks - and also I had an open container in my car. I thought I could make it home but got sleepy. I pulled over to rest. Then I was arrested for DUI . I found myself in the most difficult situation of my life that could destroy my future. I talked to some other lawyers and then caught Mr. Spivack on the internet. As soon as I talked to him he was the absolute best lawyer to help me - realistic, strategic, experienced, and understanding. He persuaded the Court that I drank after I stopped the car. Case dismissed. He saved me money and my future."

- Darryl


100% Best Result

"100% BEST RESULT from Worst Situation in My Life
Talked to a few attorneys. Thought they were kind of shady either with scare tactics or got off the phone fast when I wasn't ready to book an appointment. I was already scared because I had a hit and run with my DUI and I did not need more stress. I hired Mr. Spivack because I saw excellent reviews and how he spoke to and explained the situation to me that gave me confidence in my decision. He didnt rush me ever. He was realistic, understanding and knowledgeble about my situation. I was reassured to have someone who is very professional and has skills to represent me. He knows the law and I saw that when we were in court. By the end of the case, I was very lucky I hired him. He worked hard for me and I thank him. Mr. Thomas Spivack got my charges reduced, made this terrible situation better and saved me alot of money on penalities."

- German

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